Daily Vitality - Cognition, Energy, and Stress Support

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Transform your favorite beverage into a resilience and focus-boosting brew with a powerful blend of adaptogens and nootropics.


Inspired by the beloved tradition of morning caffeine, Daily Vitality is a liquid supplement that seamlessly blends into your routine. Just one pump into your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie delivers a powerful mix of Rhodiola Rosea, B Vitamins, and L-Theanine to combat fatigue and enhance mental clarity.

Designed to keep you energized, focused, and stress-free throughout your demanding day, our subtly flavored, science-driven formula supports your body's natural energy and cognitive functions to revitalize your mind and body. 


How to Use:
Hold your cup or can under the pump and press down to dispense the product. For optimal results, mix Daily Vitality with 100-200mg of caffeine or one cup of coffee.

When to Take:
Best suited for the morning or afternoon. Avoid taking Daily Vitality in the evening or at night, as it may disrupt sleep for some individuals.

Recommended Dose:
5mL or about one pump. Discover your lowest effective dose by beginning with a half-serving (½ pump) or 2.5mL. Monitor your feelings and any effects, as responses may vary. A typical effective dose typically falls between ½ to 1 pump of Daily Vitality.

Cycling Recommendations:
Use Daily Vitality as needed, on a daily basis, or every other day. To prevent tolerance build-up with daily use, consider cycling Daily Vitality. Consume one bottle (equivalent to about 6 weeks of daily servings) followed by a 2-3 week break period. If you decide to follow this cycling pattern, we recommend subscribing to deliveries every 60 days.

Daily Vitality features the delightful essence of Organic Vanilla, thoughtfully free from artificial sweeteners and colors.

On its own, it presents a blend of herbal flavor and subtle sweetness.

It is virtually undetectable when mixed into your favorite coffee, soda, or drink, making it an excellent alternative to chalky, taste-altering powder mix-ins.

Stored next to your coffee maker, our elixir makes caring for your body an easy and unforgettable part of your rituals. Just a quick pump into your coffee, and you're on your way to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, glass packaged, and free from artificial colors and sweeteners.

As you savor the difference, know that 1% of our revenues contribute to environmental causes, creating alignment between your well-being and the planet’s.

Allow up to eight business days to receive your new ritual!

We're confident you'll love Daily Vitality, but if it doesn't meet your expectations, contact our customer support for a hassle-free refund, minus the cost of shipping. Your health and happiness are our priorities.

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